Long awaited holiday

Photo taken by author

A trip to a distant land
Perhaps by the fields, in Highlands
Perhaps by the waves, by the sand
Fully there - head, heart and hand

Escape the robotic, manmade world
Away from futile thoughts - wound and curled

To capture images with own eyes
To briefly break the virtual ties
To enrich, experience and explore
With five senses or at least four

To watch scenaries with our eyes
To watch the bright, golden sunrise
To watch sunset across the red sky
To watch the moon over the tides

To feel that lovely sea breeze
Whereby all dullness shall cease

Not to miss the food, attire, music and dance
Always more fascinating than the first glance!

Meet the local folks and walk around
Free from rules, limits and bounds

To break the monotony of life
To enjoy, have fun and feel alive

A long awaited holiday…