A poem capturing little things

Photo by Harry Cunningham on Unsplash

A cup of tea
You and me
Favorite show

A bike ride
Side by side
Under the sun
Or by the tide

Paint the walls,
Pub crawl,
Shopping mall

Bake a cake
Sit by the lake
Read a book
Together cook

Oh what fun
Oh what joy
Little things
We all enjoy

PariQuill © July 2021

A poem on introspection

Photo by Kevin Young on Unsplash

Am I what I claim to be?
Am I what I seem to be?
Am I what I need to be?
Am I what I want to be?

Claim, merely an assertion
Seem, merely a perception
Need, merely an expectation
Want, merely an aspiration

In all this, where is truth?
The fact, the reality?
This all appears to be false
A theory of personality?

Therefore am I or am I not?
Dare I say, dare I not

I feel, therefore I am
I am alive, I must be

Love, hate; pleasure, pain -
All I have seen
Kind, rude; wise, insane -

Photo by Greg Rakozy (Unsplash)

A sound so profound
Not from around
Bringing me back
Back to the ground

Investigating -
What, When and How
Everything around

The cyclical yet dual nature
Of everything around
Take a moment
Look around

With light, comes shade
We are born and we will fade
With day, comes night
We love and we fight
With high, comes low
We have come, we will go

Why then such chaos?
Deep within and all around
What's to lose and what have we found?
After all, what goes, comes around

Listen to the voice within -
A sound so profound

Photo by Paul Skorupskas (Unsplash)

Colours - pleasant, beautiful and bright
Reflected and captured through our sight

Just like colours is our description of life
Mere section in the spectrum of space and time

Like red, green and blue
There are shades and hue

Reflection: a game we play
Depending on the lens we lay

Lens of satisfaction: all is fine
Lens of optimism: all will be fine

But sometimes these lens shatter and break
When family, health or wealth are at stake

Lens of worry: will things be fine?
Lens of disbelief: why troubles are all mine?

Different lenses, we all use
Wondering - did…

Water, Air, Sky, Fire, Earth

Photo by Kosuke Noma (Unsplash)

Wish we were like Water
That blends in
That replenishes and rejuvenates
That shapes itself to whatever the need be

Wish we were like Air
That goes with the flow
That finds a way in and a way out
That fills the void everywhere yet unnoticed

Wish we were like Fire
That is so radiant
That gives warmth to healthy and frail
That accompanies us even in the darkest caves

Wish we were like Sky
That is limitless
That welcomes us with open arms
That lets us dream and gaze far-away stars

Wish we were…

Photo taken by author

What is life?
"A journey from B to D"
"With Cs in between"
With Es unforeseen

Anthropological journey
From Birth to Death
We all shall travel...
But what matters? Choices

They are: the roads taken.

Every road comes with its own twists and turns
With its own unexpected bumps
Then there is also the stable patch
That is always the biggest catch!

There are roads less travelled
There are roads simply tackled
There are many, mundane, easy routes
And quite a few, very tough pursuits

Routes may meander, split or collide
There are new ways, no access denied

A journey from B to D
Accomplished with many Cs
That bring to us various Es

that shape us and those around us

So give a deep thought to the road to be taken
And once you begin, enjoy the ride,
the path's been chosen...

Photo taken by author

A trip to a distant land
Perhaps by the fields, in Highlands
Perhaps by the waves, by the sand
Fully there - head, heart and hand

Escape the robotic, manmade world
Away from futile thoughts - wound and curled

To capture images with own eyes
To briefly break the virtual ties
To enrich, experience and explore
With five senses or at least four

To watch scenaries with our eyes
To watch the bright, golden sunrise
To watch sunset across the red sky
To watch the moon over the tides

To feel that lovely sea breeze
Whereby all dullness shall cease

Not to miss the food, attire, music and dance
Always more fascinating than the first glance!

Meet the local folks and walk around
Free from rules, limits and bounds

To break the monotony of life
To enjoy, have fun and feel alive

A long awaited holiday…

Photo taken by author

Something is missing
Though what, not sure

Is it the joyful smile
Of loved ones;
Or the togetherness
Of loved ones

Something is missing
Though what, not sure

Is it a friend's call?
Or a trip to the shopping mall?
Is it a drink together?
Or just a reason to gather?

Something is missing
Though what, not sure

The long haul flight?
The indirect train?
The airport cab?
The drive home?

Something is missing
Though what, not sure

A meal together?
A "formal hall"?
A movie night?
A sleepover?

Something is missing
Though what, not sure

An inkling I have…

Photo taken by author

We humans are a unique creation
With memory and imagination
Yet every day we seem to seek the purpose of life
When living every moment is the essence of life

Each day we carry a baggage
Of what wasn't, isn't, wouldn't, as luggage
So heavily we carry this weight
That life becomes an endless debate

From 2020 to 2021…
A message more profound than ever before:

What we forget and really fail to understand
Is that a single breath can make us fall or stand
We humans, are beings, inherently fragile
Who seem to believe that we are strong and…

Photo taken by author

Being present
In the present
Is a present...

Life always presents
In the past and present
Thorns, pebbles or sweet presents
To check - am I really present?

Every morning presents
Boon — to live, in the present
Moments from the present — 
Will become, forever presents

Past, future or present
Will always present
Challenges and presents

To check - am I dead or present?
After all what matters — is being present!


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